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Dive Sites

Table mound

Table mound looks as though it could be an old volcano with a flat top; hence taking the shape of a table. The mound is our closest dive site to us by boat. Visibility at this site varies from 3-15 meters dependant on the weather conditions.


The Nets

Wrapped in old fisherman’s nets, this site features beautiful walls of healthy coral, especially on the west side. Visibility can vary from 3-15 meters and you can enjoy the gentle push and pull of the current.

The Volcano:

This site has a picturesque view of the volcano called Gunung Pugung. The Volcano is a place for advanced open water divers with the shallowest section of the reef at 17 meters, and the deepest at 35 meters.

Eagle Rocks

Close to Banana Island, lucky divers are visited by the resident spotted eagle ray!
On the south side, there are 4 underwater caves and reefs, which start close to the shore and descend to the ocean floor.

Mosque Reef:

On the far side of Banana Island is Mosque Reef, where you will find several rock ridgelines and formations to explore. Suitable for beginners but exciting for advanced divers too; this spot boasts near perfect visibility and healthy coral.