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Thank you for your interest in our website and in “Diving and Adventure Krui”. As you may have already noticed on the map, here in the south of Sumatra we are the only ones who ventured far into the underwater world. Krui has been known as a surfing paradise for a long time, but from now on, surfing is no longer the only thing you can do here. After extensive logistics, patience and ambition, we now have everything that we need for diving on site. After hundreds of expedition dives, we are proud to present the best and most exciting underwater landscapes that we have chosen explicitly for you.

Although it seems like we are located on the edge of the world, we dive to the highest safety standards, we have emergency oxygen on board, are equipped with Marine Rescue GPS from Nautilus and are constantly in communication with our base. Since the mass tourism has not yet been introduced, we dive in small groups under personal care. Since this area is still less explored then other diving areas, we are still the only divers out here and you won’t happen to meet anyone else under water except for fish, turtled and other breathtaking sea creatures.

Surf your own wave in the West Coast of South SumatraYou need a room ?Surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and some of the best surf spots Sumatra has to offer, Palmbeachkrui is a family-owned business located in the heart of Krui. 20 years of experience in and around the Island of Sumatra helped us set our style of combining Indonesian vibes with western high comfort. Our main goal is to provide a fun environment for you, in which you can relax after a long surf-session or after one of the other numerous activities our team can organize for you. To make your stay at Palmbeachkrui one of the best trips of your life, we have a few things to offer: an all-day open bar serving the coolest Bintang in South Sumatra, a pool and a tennis table, a yoga area where you can take yoga classes, a newly built pool area, a place to relax, and a place where you can get your long-awaited massage. Besides that, you will be provided with free high-speed WiFi, airport and activity transfer and some of the best and most secret insights from our local staff.